Holly Clark: Assistant Principal & Technology Change Agent

Who are you and what do you do?

I am Holly Clark, Assistant Principal, Technology Lead and Ga-Ga Pit newbie from San Diego, California. This is my first year as an administrator and was lured to the school by a one to one iPad pilot.  Before admin, I was in the classroom teaching social studies, English and technology to middle school geniuses.  I have been incorporating tech into my curriculum since 1996, so I have done it all! I was a technology curriculum specialist in River Forest, IL before heading to the beach.  I am a National Board Certified Teacher and hold an MA in Ed Tech from Columbia University.  You can connect with me on Twitter and read my blog here.

What hardware are you using?

Wow – right now I am using a MacBook Pro and iPad only.  I always say once you go Mac, you’ll never go back! My new school has very limited and outdated technology resources – outside of a Smartboard for every class -which means I am positioned to make big changes at my school, which is truly exciting.  As the Technology Curriculum Specialist in River Forest, Il I worked only with Macs.  In my San Diego classroom, I worked exclusively with the Windows platform.  I could write a book about how each impacts education.  Thankfully, Google Apps for Education is helping to make it easy to teach between both platforms and Cloud Technology makes expensive programs a thing of the past.

And what software?

Since the concentration is on iPads, I am using a plethora of apps.  I am having the most impact on learning using tools like Evernote, Idea Sketch, Educreations and Edmodo.  However, I am really intrigued by a new online research tool called Surfmark.  I have worked with Photoshop, Premiere, After-effects, Flash, Office Suite, Keynote, Final Cut Pro…the usual suspects.  Online tools I love include Google Apps for Education, Edmodo, Quizlet, Diigo, Twitter and Educlipper.  My personal favorite is Flipboard! I could not live without it.

What would your dream set up be?

My dream setup would be a combo of mostly Apple Products and Chromebooks.  I truly believe in my heart that students need to produce and publish work and it is just easier on a Mac.  I would also like a professional level film studio and Skype equipped stand alone classroom like one I had at Harvard.  There each seat had a microphone and collaboration device which faced a large screen for Skyping.  I want my students to become global learners and contributors.


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