Dave Guymon: 6th Grade Teacher & Connected Educator

Who are you and what do you do?

I am Dave Guymon, 6th grade teacher and 4-square playground champion of the eastern Idaho region.  I teach language arts, social studies, and advanced math at the elementary school level.  As a connected educator, I am passionate about immersing my students in online web tools, social media for learning, and technology in the classroom.  You can find me on Twitter here and visit my class website.

What hardware are you using?

My students and I are trying to conquer the world with an iPad, five Dell desktops, a set of 1:1 NEO computing devices, and an Epson interactive projector.  Through combining these forces, we have created our own classroom video editing studio, blogging cafe, and Google research lab.  Our utilization of technology has enabled us to have connected with people on every continent with Wi-Fi connectivity (Apparently, the internet connection in Antarctica is very slow).

And what software?

I use Mac software/apps on my iPad 2.  Our classroom computers run on Windows 7 software.  And our NEO 2s utilize Renaissance Learning software.  Beyond the programmed software for each of these devices, I rely heavily on Google tools such as Reader, Maps, and Docs for classroom use with my students.  Our classroom also uses Weebly as our web publishing platform to learn more about publishing user-created content.

What would your dream set up be?

I intend to, one day, incorporate MacBook Pros into my classroom on a 1:1 basis to enable more media editing opportunities for my students.  Beyond that, I would love to have professional-level video recording equipment in our classroom production studio so that we could connect with community members to produce content for local organizations and businesses which would allow our classroom to continually upgrade our in-class technology.


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