Danielle Hartman: English, Literacy & Technology Teacher

Who are you, and what do you do?

My name is Danielle Hartman and I am an English/Literacy Specialist/ Technology Integration teacher. You can visit my website and/or follow me on Twitter.

What hardware are you using?

I use a Macbook Pro for personal and educational uses.  At work, we predominantly  use the Macbook carts and the iPad carts.  Occasionally, we will use the PC lab.

And what software?

I have to say, the most versatile and useful software we use is iMovie.  I have found so many uses for it.  We use it for full movie projects, but we also use it for quick check for learnings. I often have the students create (either on the macs or the iPads) a talk show style movie just to explain what they have learned.  I also use some Web 2.0 tools pretty consistently.  For example, I use todaysmeet.com at least twice monthly for back channels.  Sometimes we have these online discussions with another class in the school, other times we will chat with our ePals.  ePals is another tool I use regularly.  We will often have multiple global collaborations at the same time.  This past semester, we worked with classes from Spain, Chile, and Brazil.  Love it!

The last tool that I use consistently is Pixton.  I love Pixton for short projects.  It is easy to use and the kids love it.  I don’t use it to have students recreate a book we read, rather, I use it to have my students take an informational reading and turn it into a comic.  This is actually a fairly rigorous project.  They have to read and digest a complete article and then teach it to others in very few words.  Not as easy as it seems.  Here is some of my student’s work:  http://2012seniors.weebly.com/

What would be your dream set up?

I am so fortunate that our school is as tech savvy as it is (hence the name Burlington County Institute of Technology). I think if it was to be even better, I would either go 1-1 with the iPads or have my own Mac lab in my room.  I believe we are replacing our iMacs in Ad Art this year, so I might just get my wish!  I would also like an overhead that worked with Apple TV so that I could easily broadcast my iPad.


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